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Anne Summers Reports: highlights from our archives

Tim Flannery

Our incisive profiles

The Accidental Activist

Tim Flannery’s first love was fossils. Then he became entranced by mammals but it was not until a government asked him to report on threats to the environment that the man who had discovered more new species than Darwin realized the threat to our very existence posed by climate change. He decided he had to do something about it. Anne Summers reports.

Lello Books Portugal

Covering culture

Fifty Shades of Bookselling

The Australian book industry has had a turbulent few years as supermarkets moved in, readers turned to ebooks and the traditional publishing model faltered but, as Foong Ling Kong
reports, publishers and bookstores are now facing the realities of their changed world.


Top reporting

The Truvada Chronicles

It’s a pill proven to prevent HIV, so why is there so much resistance to taking it and, asks David Hay, why are those who do derided as “sluts” and “whores”?

Henri Matisse cutting paper in his studio, c.1952. PHOTOGRAPHER: LYDIA DELECTORSKAYA

Art and design

All that Jazz

Henri Matisse had as much a way with scissors as he did with a brush, as can be seen from an enthralling new travelling exhibition. By Paula Weideger

Gallery: Rod McCrae

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